Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good morning!

How weird is it that I've been the first one awake and ready to go both days this weekend? Pretty weird. I'm not a morning person.

We're in Albany right now, after deciding that we might as well get partway back to Ithaca on Saturday night rather than have the whole drive back from Hanover on Sunday, but that driving all the way back Saturday night was no fun. (It really isn't. We've done that, too.)

When I made the reservation online the other day for the Hampton Inn we've visited several times in Downtown Albany, I added to the notes field, "Feather-free room, please! And complimentary room upgrades are always gratefully accepted." When we checked in, the guy at the desk said "We've made sure there are no feathers in the room, and you've been upgraded to a suite." Woohoo!

It's a really nice room, I suppose twice the size of a normal hotel room, with a kitchenette area and a comfy seating area with big chairs and a couch that folds out into a bed if we needed it. I've ended up in these a couple of times, and the extra space is really nice with four of us in here.

The feature I like least about the room is the split bathroom, with the sink outside. You can't turn on the light in the bathroom itself separately from the sink area, which of course I don't want to do because it would wake everyone up. At least the bathroom has a nightlight near the floor that provides just enough illumination. That's also awesome for those late-night or early-morning visits to the john when you don't want to turn on the light.

I think I'll take the laptop downstairs and have some breakfast, which stops at 11. Maybe the others will want to go to Wolff's Biergarten for brunch. I'll have no trouble eating twice. :-)

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