Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Go, Cuomo!

To be fair, Andrew Cuomo is just the guy who got to stand up in front of the TV cameras and microphones, while his deputies and staff members did all the work. But I'm still impressed with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York, which in its inimitable style, strongarmed Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., into promising a suite of special accommodations for New Yorkers who own Toyota or Lexus vehicles affected by the recent recalls.

New York Toyota owners can call their dealers now and get scheduled for repairs, rather than waiting for the notification letter that'll show up eventually. The dealers will provide rides to and from the dealership and/or the customer's workplace, or will pick up and return the vehicle, and will provide a loaner car upon request. Toyota has agreed to cover all the costs to dealers in New York for doing all of this. (Good, because car dealers are already not having a great time in this economy.) And, if you're not feeling safe driving your vehicle, they will reimburse your expenses in renting a car or taking taxis where you need to go.

I'm also kind of amused by the competitors' ads that are coming up on the 14850 Today article on the subject. Michelle is seeing a GM ad, and I get a Chevy dealership ad with "special offers for Toyota and Lexus owners." I'd heard that Toyota is grabbing lots of Google ad space, and in fact I see a small text ad from them offering recall info.

Oh, and that Toyota photo over there? Just some poor sap who got stuck on Sapsucker Woods Road three years ago when I happened to have my camera handy. I love the variety of random crap in my Flickr stream. :-)

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