Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Weird, but I'll take it...

octanez alerted me to a special deal on Samsung HDTVs with a free Roku HD streaming video box going on right now at Amazon. The 720p 32-inch LCD TV is $439.99, the Roku box is $99.99, you get a $99.99 credit to make it a free Roku box, and there's another unadvertised credit for $99.99 showing up, to make it $340 total (plus tax and shipping). He found it via this thread.

As the discussion at that Fatwallet thread suggests, some people are getting the double discount and some aren't. I wasn't seeing it come up that way, so since some folks were calling in to ask what was up, I decided to do likewise. (I didn't want to be the first guy to alert Amazon to the issue and ruin it for anyone whose stuff hadn't shipped yet.) The people I talked to had no idea what an "EB Promotion" was, and couldn't find any info in their systems that would explain how to get that discount. The guy was very nice and went and talked to some of his colleagues who'd been around longer than his year, to see if he could figure out what an "EB Promotion" might be. No one knew.

Since the speculation on the thread was that Amazon Prime (free shipping) accounts couldn't get the deal, I decided to try from a fresh account. I created a brand new account with another e-mail address, using a credit card I was pretty sure I'd never used on Amazon. Bingo! $340 plus tax, complete with mystery "EB Promotion" discount. And the items are eligible for free Super Saver shipping, so I'll get them next week instead of this week. Fine.

As someone who pays the annual $79 fee for Amazon Prime, I generally get free two-day shipping on everything I buy from Amazon, and have the option of getting one-day shipping for $3.99 per item. Between the free two-day shipping and the few occasions I've really wanted overnight shipping, this has paid for itself, especially since you can add up to three family members whose separate Amazon accounts will get your Prime benefits at no extra cost. So, my mom, my brother, and Ari (also my family for purposes of our cell phone account) all get free two-day shipping. Split that up among the four of us, and it's $20 a year to enjoy that benefit. Easy decision to make.

I'm not going to bother posting on the Fatwallet thread that I got the deal, too; there seems to be no point, and people are already saying they don't believe all the newbie commenters. But if you want such a TV and you aren't burdened with an Amazon Prime account, go ahead and grab this awesome deal before it expires in a couple of days. Assuming they don't wise up and cancel all unshipped orders, I'm putting this TV in my bedroom. Pretty sure I've already mentioned I was planning such a buy if I got a good deal. And, if you feel like it, clicking one of my affiliate links to get to Amazon would be appreciated. That way, I get a cut. ;-)

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