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That's a lot of eggs...

Weird. I completely forgot I'd picked up a dozen small-farm brown eggs at the supermarket on Tuesday, since they were just $1.99 and I was completely out of eggs. I was thus all excited about getting a dozen from Mo today, and even went back to my office on the way back from feeding Gabriel's cats to pick them up, as I'd forgotten them and figured I'd want them over the weekend.

I know eggs last a while in the refrigerator, so I think I'll use Mo's ultra-fresh eggs first, and then perhaps make some hard-boiled eggs of the others. Can you freeze hard-boiled eggs? I'd figure the results wouldn't be too bad, as those frozen breakfast sandwiches work out OK.

Thanks to Ed mentioning the Ithaca Ale House earlier, I decided a burger was a good idea. Grilled burger and gorgonzola on the last of Monday's French bread, plus greens with gorgonzola and garlic ranch. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of dinner for you.

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