Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That was quick!

Just got the e-mail notification that my passport is on its way back to me. I obviously should have started the renewal process much earlier, but I'm glad it's going quickly. Of course, had I started it earlier, I could've popped up to visit Joost this past weekend, or could've run up to Montreal for last night's hockey game, for which a friend had a spare ticket.

I wonder what would've happened had I driven up with a printout of the scan I made of my old passport's photo and identification page before sending it in for the renewal, and a copy of the renewal application showing why I didn't have the real thing with me.

The process didn't get started earlier because I still had it in the back of my head that I had to renew my passport after the trip to Israel. Unfortunately, when the trip to Israel moved from October to April, that timeline didn't get updated in the back of my head.

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