Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Not that I didn't enjoy your visit...

Tonight, for the first time in a week, there's no one in the house but me, and it feels great! The Canadian violinist fell ill and ended up canceling, but Jessi put another visiting musician here for the week. He's a Japanese violinist who went to high school in Germany, got his undergraduate degree at Cornell College (!), and is a PhD student in baroque violin at Indiana University. (Believe it or not, when I got the e-mail telling me he was coming, I was wearing my IU t-shirt for the first time in years.)

Go was a good houseguest, unobtrusive and friendly, but it's always nice to be able to relax with the house to myself after guests are gone. (The weekend was even more complicated, with Jeff and Joy and Mike all here.)

I'm glad I got to see most of the opera at the dress rehearsal, while photographing and video recording it, since even though Cornell swept Harvard in two games and I was free on Sunday night, I decided I needed a quiet night in rather than going to the show. Jessi also borrowed my camcorder, so I'm hoping there's some good video I can watch, too.

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