Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Check your Gmail Spam folder...

In addition to offering entertaining recipes you can cook with Spam in the location where advertisements usually appear on the Gmail page, you might find you have mail hiding in there that you really wanted! Couldn't hurt to go skim that if you haven't lately.

Phil was freaking out because I hadn't called or e-mailed him back the other day about a radio ad, and it turns out he just hadn't gotten the e-mails I'd sent. They were sitting in Gmail's spam folder, and since he's using a desktop mail client to read his mail, he never looked. I told him where to find the Spam folder via his IMAP client.

Meantime, I just discovered a reply I was waiting for, from someone I exchange flurries of e-mail with every few weeks, was sitting in Spam, as well. If we hadn't been texting about something else, I might never have noticed.

Gmail used to have just about perfect Spam filtering, with a tiny handful of false positives (trapping good mail as junk) and a tiny handful of false negatives (letting through junk as good mail), but lately it seems to be doing a lousy job. People I'm sending mail to, and people I'm receiving mail from that I'm not marking as Spam myself, are probably people whose mail you should trust a little more! Meantime, some of what gets through is astonishing, but SpamSieve on my laptop is trapping nearly all of the rest. The worst examples are the Viagra ads and mortgage offers, and the frequent ones bearing the name of a friend who died a few years ago. Those aren't necessarily obvious to a machine, but they're really a kick in the teeth.

If you're a new Gmail user thanks to moving there, and want help doing this, just let me know.

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