Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Pad Thai or Pizza? (209.6)

Those are the options I'm contemplating right now for lunch, and I'm writing this to kill a little time before 1pm, which is when I typically like to go get lunch. A sandwich is also tempting, but these are stronger cravings at the moment.

I ended Passover at sundown last night with a homebrewed beer and risotto (among other excellent foods, all vegetarian) at a friend's dinner gathering where I got to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones. Still trying to figure out why two of the guests looked familiar; one is a local musician I've probably seen here or there, and the other vaguely looks like someone I know from hockey, so that might be it.

Tonight I've got lots of laundry to do before Pixel Trivia Night, and I should be able to catch up on some (though I'm sure not all) of last night's TV.

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