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No, I'm not in Detroit... (211.4)

Last year was my first Frozen Four. That's the ice hockey equivalent of the Final Four, i.e. the semifinal and championship game in the NCAA college hockey tournament, and for college hockey fans, it's a Big Deal. There's a group of friends, my brother included, who go to the Frozen Four pretty much every year, no matter where it is, and no matter which teams are in it. (Cornell hasn't made it in several years, and I missed that tournament because Denise and I were on our way back from Scotland.)

Well, last year's was in Washington, DC, the first time in a while it was in easy driving distance (figures I'd miss the one that was in Buffalo and featured Cornell), and it was right after Passover started! So Jeff and I started plotting early, and convinced my cousins who live in Arlington that they should host the family Seder. Even though Cornell hadn't made it past the regionals last year (for which I drove to Grand Rapids), a bunch of us had a great time cheering for some great hockey and enjoying some fantastic food in and around DC.

After that great start, I was looking forward to joining the group that goes every year. I'm not sure I've ever needed to visit Detroit, but the idea of turning Ford Field into a hockey arena is intriguing, and I'm always happy to visit a new place. Rita lined up Red Wings tickets for last night for a bunch of us.

Our trip to Israel, originally scheduled for last fall, got moved to spring, though. It was intentionally set after the Frozen Four so Jeff and I could go to that, but still, leaving for Israel on Monday after a weekend in Detroit seemed like it could be too risky if the travel plans got screwy. I decided I'd only go if Cornell made it.

I really do kind of wish I were in Detroit for the weekend, but I'm looking forward to watching the games on TV. RIT (yes, the Rochester Institute of Technology) was so dominating in their two regional games in Albany a week and a half ago that whatever happens, it's going to make for good hockey. There was no way they were going to beat Denver that Friday night. Then they certainly weren't going to beat UNH on Saturday night. But they did both. Can they possibly they beat Wisconsin tonight? Of course not. But...

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