Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The midair post

Does melatonin wear off? I felt as though I was starting to drift off while watching "Men Who Stare at Goats" after dinner, but resisted it. And now I really don't feel sleepy. It's about 11:30pm New York time, so I'll probably get sleepy again... about when they start the breakfast service. Multiple babies near us certainly aren't helping.

The extra security checkpoint at Newark leading to our departure gate makes sense when you think about it, but I'd had no idea about that extra layer of security en route to Israel before we got to it. They also require all passengers to remain seated for the last 45 minutes of flight, and say they'll warn us while there's plenty of time to hit the lavatory.

We all checked in together, and I didn't think to ask for an exit row seat. After ten and a half hours on the way over, I won't make that mistake on the way back. I might not get extra legroom, but I'm going to ask.

The flight attendant I handed my usual snack cup to upon boarding seemed quite pleased, and spread the word that the passenger in 24F had brought goodies. This week I supplemented the usual granola bars with some Hershey's miniatures. (Michelle, help yourself to some of the leftovers at the top of the stairs.)

Our route is taking us south of Ireland and across France and Italy before we hit the Mediterranean. We're just approaching the coast of France now. 2227 miles to go. Maybe I'll try to sleep again, so as not to be too useless for our first day in Israel. Though with two hours until breakfast, that may be a lost cause. Why doesn't my iPhone ever manage to predict "breakfast"? It should be obvious at the f.
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