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Sure, I could've done better with a tripod... but this'll do.

Tel Aviv at Night

Tel Aviv at night from Frishman Beach. Jaffa is the distant lights at right.
Taken while standing in the Mediterranean after dinner tonight.

This was our last night in Tel Aviv before heading out tomorrow towards some wineries (there's a novelty) and to visit our cousins in Safed. I guess my father has met them, but I'm pretty sure I never have.

We spent a chunk of today at the Tel Aviv University's Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, featuring exhibits about Jewish culture as it's spread all over the world. The room with models of major synagogues was pretty cool, not least because I could say I'd been to the depicted synagogues in Toledo, Spain and in Curaçao. Then we went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, despite a recalcitrant cabby's best effort to steer us toward the Museum Eretz Israel instead. I guess he likes that one. Or didn't want to drive so far.

Meantime, I successfully found one of the stores on the list the hotel lady had turned up that carry Birkenstocks. It's getting hotter for the rest of our trip, and I do not want to have to wear socks and shoes if I can avoid it. But, my Birks had quickly turned out to have way-too-worn soles, and I was starting to slip. Probably not a good idea when walking in unfamiliar, potentially uneven, territory.

( The photos so far... )
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