Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Shabbat Shalom

I suspect if we were still in Tel Aviv, many restaurants and shops would have closed Friday before sundown and remained closed through Saturday, but here in Safed (or Tsfat, or Zefat), a mountaintop town known for its Artists Quarter, everything is closed. The hotel is serving breakfast and lunch, I suspect entirely buffet style, but that's about it. We left our cameras in the rooms on our walk around town this morning, since using a camera wouldn't be appropriate during the Sabbath.

Last night we joined our cousins for a wonderful Sabbath dinner, a big family affair. I think we're as alien to them as an Orthodox family is to us. :-)

Yesterday's photos from our visit to the excavated Roman (and Babylonian, etc.) city at Caesarea are uploading very slowly, thanks to slow nearby Wi-Fi. The hotel's for-a-fee Wi-Fi isn't working, but the manager quietly told me where to find a neighbor's active connection. So, just a handful of my pictures from yesterday have made it to Flickr. No new pics today, but my father and I may walk around after sunset tonight and take a few.
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