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Party Time

If I weren't so zonked from lots of early wake-up times (we had breakfast at 7:30 today, which meant getting up about 6:30) I'd be really tempted to go out and investigate the happening scene that Moshe Solomon Street seems to be tonight. Thursday night is more or less the beginning of the weekend, since Friday is usually a short day if anything before the Sabbath starts at sundown, and Sunday is back to a "normal" day. So, the pedestrian-mall sort of street along the hotel is hopping. it reminds me a bit of Collegetown on a weekend night, or a tiny bit of Bourbon Street on a quieter weeknight. Lots of 20somethings wandering around, laughter, the occasional high-pitched squeal of whatever drunk girls squeal about.

Breakfast BuffetThe drinking age is 18 here, so I suspect some of the crowd is American college kids on Birthright trips or the like taking advantage of the difference.

Zuni, the restaurant we've now eaten at three times, is right across the street and is open 24 hours a day. It's really tempting to take their scotch selection out for a spin (several good single-malts) or even just have a beer, but I think even with a "saner" breakfast time of 8:30am tomorrow, sleep's a better idea. (That's this hotel's breakfast buffet, at right. Not bad, but nowhere near as extensive as Ruth Rimonim's or Ein Gedi's.)

I've been sleeping moderately well, waking up once in a while during the night but that's not too unusual especially when I'm sharing a room. Of course, going to sleep before midnight nearly every night of the trip, and much earlier sometimes, is going to make it even harder to get back to EDT next week. I may take advantage of the opportunity to shift my schedule a tad, so I'm up and about earlier and get to sleep earlier at home, though of course that screws with the weekly Pixel Trivia habit, which pretty much makes it impossible to get to bed before 1:30am on Wednesday nights.
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