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Duty Free

I picked up some packaged halvah and a couple of other items at the duty-free shops inside the secure area near the gates, and as I have a couple of times before, wished I could get away with buying some of the interesting liquor that's available. In some situations, once you're in the "sterile" secure area of the airport, you can do whatever you want with liquids, but apparently passengers aren't allowed to take any liquids aboard the Continental flights at all. I had to pour out the water bottle I'd filled up at a water fountain, and other people had to toss the water bottles they'd just purchased.

One of the temptations for me was the watch counter, which among other things had some very nice Swatches and Swiss Army watches, not to mention fancier and pricier brands. The incredibly thin Swatch Skin watch many of you have seen me wearing is actually an airport purchase. I bought it ten years ago (almost to the day) at Madrid Barajas Airport on the way from our family vacation in Spain that spring. I seriously considered buying a new Swatch, or something else, since after all, it's been ten years and I've worn this watch nearly every day since then. (I almost never don't put on my watch for the day; beach vacations are when I don't put it on at all.) But then I decided it's still perfect. No need to replace it.

In any event, we'd noticed on the way over two weeks ago that there's a fantastic deal on a Macallan Scotch whisky I don't have, in Continental's duty-free magazine. There was no point in buying it on the way to Israel, since it would have to be consumed before we left, but I decided I'd buy it on the way home. Not that I need more Scotch, mind you, but this should be good stuff. And, not that I need to rationalize it, since I know the Scotch will go to good use, but it's easy to convince myself that I'd have bought lots more Scotch if I'd been in town last week, when Judd Falls Wine & Spirits had another of their Scotch tastings.
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