Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Gee, thanks, Ithaca! (216.0)

32 degrees and flurrying is a great welcome back! Some of my drive from Dobbs Ferry yesterday was rainy, but it wasn't too bad. I managed to sleep until 6am yesterday, effectively the same as sleeping until 1pm Israel time, after barely staying awake until 9pm (which felt like 4am). I had a relaxed start to the day with my parents, including tea and granola, and headed out at about 8:30.

I stopped in Tarrytown, just a couple of minutes past the on-ramp to the Thruway and the Tappan Zee Bridge, for a cup of excellent coffee; my cousin Rob (the famous former vegetarian, for those of you keeping notes) had told me he goes there whenever he's in Tarrytown. Coffee Labs is a single downtown storefront, with the roasting equipment and chief roaster out in the middle of the cafe. It's a very personable setup, though I can imagine it'd get warm up there in August. This roastery happens to be the one providing fresh coffee to the new Waffle Frolic place on the Commons. Still have to get down there soon.

Then I grabbed an early lunch a little before 11 in Roscoe, stopping once again at Buffalo Zach's Cafe. Great little place on the corner opposite Raimondo's, and a nice alternative to the Roscoe Diner, which has gone way downhill over the last several years. I had a caprese omelet, home fries, and corned beef hash for lunch. :-)

Got home about 1 to see my baby Sycamore has budding leaves, which is a relief! It's the first positive sign that it was just dormant for the winter, and not dead, after I planted it last year. Here's hoping the lunatic weather doesn't kill it.

Yes, I gained about five pounds over the last two weeks (that's actually what I guessed), but I should be able to drop it quickly. Last night's quesadillas courtesy of Rachel didn't help! (Awfully tasty, though.)

Catching up on e-mail and such at work, and at some point I'll get back to uploading photos from the last few days of the trip.

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