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How cute are these girls!?

I'm pretty sure a few of you met Sapir and Savyon, the two older girls, four and a half years ago when they and their parents were in town and joined a group for brunch at Willow. Even then, the younger girl was catching up to the older in size. :-)

DessertWell, we got to see the two of them and their younger sister, Keshet, at dinner last Friday. They're so awesome! They and their parents live in Jerusalem, and I mostly get to hear from them via e-mail and Facebook. This was the first time I'd seen the girls since fall of '05. Way too long.

Their mom had met us for lunch on our first day in Israel; she popped over to Tel Aviv to join us, since she was going to be away (ironically, in the U.S.) for most of the rest of our visit. And their dad invited us to Shabbat dinner on our second and last Friday in town. They're religious enough to have a Shabbat dinner, but not so religious that they objected to photos being taken (in fact, mom insisted on it since she was missing it) or that he didn't offer to drive us back to our hotel afterwards so we didn't have to deal with another cab.

My parents picked out a trio of packages containing markers and stickers and the like at a toy store the day before we were going to see the girls, and they were a big hit. Keshet immediately started affixing the stickers to things, and Sapir was dancing around singing songs about her "little art kit" all evening.
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