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A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind...

I've always known Rod Serling was from around here, and did most of his pioneering film work around here. But it would never have occurred to me to go find his grave. Leave that to Jack and his friends! Jack "Towaway" Eaton was coming to Binghamton for a party at a friend's place, and they wanted to pop up to Ithaca to hang out for a bit, and as long as they were in the area... visit Rod.

Rod Serling's graveLuckily, I was curious and did a little digging beyond learning that Serling was buried in Lake View Cemetery in Interlaken. It's not a tiny place, and I have to imagine if there are people working there on Saturday, they're sick of being asked where to find Serling. :-) So it was useful that the Internet had succeeded in telling me he was laid to rest in Section G, near the northeast edge of the cemetery. While the others scratched their heads and meandered around aimlessly, I practically made a beeline to the right spot.

( More cemetery pics... )

We also got to try out Waffle Frolic, where I was disappointed that the fried chicken and waffles is only available on Fridays. Yeesh! They do have paninis all the time if you want "real food," and honestly, the buckwheat waffle with strawberry compote was awesome -- and was about what I needed mid-afternoon after having some Macro Mama's late morning.

Jack came with me to the Accord meeting, since he was looking forward to seeing some of the other folks in the area he knows, and then we headed down to Binghamton for Lisa's "Mexican Fiesta" party. What a gathering! Quite a cross-section of people... older and younger, straight and gay, plus the novelty of not being the tallest person there. (The one taller person was female!) I got 5/15 of the Mexican Trivia questions right.

It was really getting stormy on Saturday afternoon, with gusty wind and occasional bursts of rain, and as we were picking up the requested Dos Equis, the lights at the P&C flickered. The cashier winced; he knows they have to use a manual process to check everyone out, with paper and calculators, if the power goes out in the store. But, luckily, the electronic systems stayed up. The drive down wasn't too bad, but I was unamused by the snow squalls on my way back around midnight.

Just as well I'm not a rabid lacrosse fan. Today's Ivy League championship game in 35 degree weather would've been miserable even before Cornell gave up their comfortable lead and then lost to Princeton in overtime. Despite that, they got a seventh seed in the NCAA tournament and will host Loyola next Saturday in the first round. Maybe the weather will be better.

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