Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Keepin' 'em guessin'

I'm sure Cornell Dining doesn't want to hear from me again, but I was frustrated to get to Mattin's, my usual lunch spot near my office, to find that the deli counter was closed and the staff was nearly done cleaning up, at about 1:35 today. I'm not surprised they've switched to their 7am-2pm summer hours, but I was pretty disappointed that 2pm means "unless you want food."

All of the signage has been changed over to say the hours are 7am-2pm, and there's also one sign on the deli counter that says "Deli open until 1:30," along with one when I got there that said "Sorry, the deli is closed."

Some days I'll be able to get there before 1:30, but it's not always that easy. At least until 2 the cooler is available with some grab-and-go sandwiches and salads, though the pickin's were awfully slim today. I got a "lemon pepper chicken lavosh," basically a minimalist chicken salad wrap. No, it wasn't worth taking a picture of. I was really looking forward to a proper sandwich. I almost went elsewhere, but since I had a 2pm meeting, I really didn't have time.

I've already commented to Dining that it would be nice to have a way of informing customers when they're asked to close for an event in the Duffield Hall Atrium; when I got there at a perfectly normal lunchtime within their posted hours, there was a temporary "closing early today" sign up when they'd known for days about the change. The sign told me I could go to Trillium -- but I'd just walked right past Trillium from a meeting on that part of campus. And I've let them know when the breakfast hours (until 11am) listed on the web site didn't match what the staff was willing to do (until 10:30). That time, I got there before the earlier time, so did get what I wanted.

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