Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice surprise...

After Alan's encouragement the other day, I did e-mail Cornell Dining after all, to tell them it was frustrating to get to Mattin's 20 minutes before the published closing time and find the deli closed, and to ask that they consider keeping it open until 2 (which I considered unlikely) or at least correct the published info on the web and on the signs to show that they're really only open until 1:30... with limited supplies of prepared food also available until 2.

I figured I'd get a response, and their de rigeur offer of free food to apologize for my inconvenience, and in fact that arrived this morning. The pleasant surprise was that they've reviewed my feedback and that operation and have decided to keep the deli open until 2. I sent a thank-you note telling them I hope it proves to be worthwhile for them to be open for that half hour. If it turns out not to be, I can certainly live with them killing it -- if they are honest about the posted hours.

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