Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Took a while, but I found the coffee filters...

Jeff asked me to fill in for him on today's morning DJ shift, and originally I wasn't going to be able to, because I was going to be in San Francisco. But, when it turned out I was staying in town, I let him know I could after all.

As always it was a nice reminder of the good ol' days, when I did a morning DJ shift every week or two, before the radio station hired a full-time morning jok. (There was a full-time midday jok until a few months ago, too, but that isn't really a shift I can reasonably do.)

Jeff's been doing 6am-noon since the middays changed, but it's 6am-11am for the summer, which made it a little more reasonable for me. (I'm never at work at 9am anyway.) A few people I know IMed or mentioned on Twitter that they were listening, which was nice, but I really appreciated the phone call from a random listener who I think didn't know he was calling the DJ line. He said "Whoever's DJing right now is just kicking ass!" Also had a couple of appreciative listeners whose requests I was able to play.That sort of thing helps make the 5am wake-up a little more palatable. :-)

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