Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Someday, I'll visit South Africa...

Today's Flickr Blog post is a series of great photos from South Africa, including just one that happens to be football-related, and several others that are merely gorgeous. I love this one. "Don't forget to look behind you. That's where the lions are."

I've had a vague desire to visit South Africa since my days as a camp counselor, when I had a few South African coworkers. Steve and Cherie are the ones I remember best; they were a couple (since divorced, though quite amicably according to Steve, who I'm still in touch with off and on) with an adorable, blond toddler named Mickey, and a baby girl who I think came for just one summer. I think a couple of others were kitchen staff.

When I was in college, Steve and Cherie even had me nearly convinced to come for a summer. They had contacts in the government they were sure could fix me up with an IT-related summer job of some sort. These days, that might seem like a fine idea, but at the height of apartheid, working for the RSA government sounded like the epitome of hypocrisy, not to mention potentially dangerous.

One of the most expensive phone calls I ever made was a very long conversation with Steve and Cherie from my dorm room. We got disconnected after a while, and I called again; it turned out Mickey had hung up on me. But I have no idea how much the call cost, as it was never billed to my campus phone account. Someone must've looked at a pair of calls to Johannesburg totaling over an hour and decided it couldn't possibly be for real. I didn't speak up.
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