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A long, hot shower later...

We had a fantastic camping weekend, despite getting poured on all day Saturday, and continued grey this morning. As with last June's trip, when it barely stopped raining, we ignored the weather and just set about having a good time. I'm much more relaxed than when I set out Friday, and that usually lasts for days.

Happily, it stopped raining around dinnertime last night, so we were able to have a Saturday night party without having to huddle under tarps. I think I stopped dancing around 5 and went to sleep at almost 6. My thighs are just starting to remind me of their long evening!

My random moment of inspiration last week, asking Tracy (as Joy and I walked her to work before returning to Ithaca) if she wanted to go camping, left me (and no doubt her) wondering what she was going to think, but she and her friend Sara seemed to have a good time, and definitely made a good impression on Stephen & Teddy's camping crew. I'm under orders to bring them back. I'll do my best.

More later; gotta get something to eat and then start prepping for tonight's Bound for Glory, which I'm guest-hosting.

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