Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Folks, we've asked maintenance to check on something, and we can't take off just yet."

That's what the Captain announced over the PA shortly after we backed away from the gate in Philadelphia for the second of my three flights yesterday. Thank goodness, several minutes later they told us the issue was resolved and we could take off.

Wolverine is SO CUTE!All three of my flights yesterday were early, and here I am in San Diego! (Some of you are already following along on Twitter.)

It's finally sunny, after a day and a half of cool and drizzly. Still quite mild, in the low 70s, though, which is fine by me.

I'm sad to report that the cool Star Trek emblem flask I picked up at Shore Leave a couple of weekends ago leaks. I guess the lesson is to fly with it empty rather than full of Maker's Mark! Luckily, it was inside a bag with other stuff, not loose in my suitcase, so only a small amount of stuff smells like bourbon rather than most of my clothes.

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