Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I get to try out my Passport Card soon...

The plan has been gradually moving from "would be nice" past "maybe" to "quite probable," so I'll mention here that I'm most likely heading north of the border in a couple of weekends for a friend's "unbirthday" party. (Whatever that is.) It'll be my first chance to try out the U.S. passport card I got this year along with my passport renewal. It's only good for land border crossings in North America, not for flights or sea crossings, but the occasional desire to pop into Canada is exactly why I paid a little extra for the thing. (It's easier to have the card on me at all times than bother dragging my passport around.)

I'd been thinking it was going to be my first visit to Ontario since the R13 Summit in Brampton seven (?!) years ago, but of course I at least passed through Ontario twice last March on the way to and from Grand Rapids. Does that count as visiting?

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