Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I know we get carried away with camping, but really...

This weekend's camping trip wasn't a huge group, just a couple dozen of us, so for a change (maybe even for the first time) we got bumped from our back-of-the-campgrounds cluster of campsites. Who was back there instead? Dozens of active and alumni Delta Sigma Phis from Drexel! (Stephen said they got their reservation and deposit in first, and in the camping game, cash rules.)

This is camping?My group seemed a little weirded out by dozens of guys camping together without any women, but as a fraternity brother myself, I can see the charm in a brothers-only retreat. Odder still was that they had two full-sized refrigerators back there! As well as a big grilling operation. The campground does have electricity, and we take advantage of that for music and coffee-makers, but it never occurred to me to bring a fridge, never mind a full-sized one. It's kind of tempting to bring a mini cube fridge.

These guys also brought in boxes of donuts and Dunkin' Donuts box-o-joe on Saturday morning before booking out for a day rafting on the Delaware, and showed seriously questionable judgement leaving the leftovers out, including open donut boxes, all day. Luckily, no bears showed up, but there were a few abandoned kittens making the rounds. :-(

My hopes of getting through the weekend without rain didn't come to pass. The forecasts the other day had made it look like it might hold off until 9 or so this morning, which could've let us pack up dry gear, but instead it started around 10 last night, and got pretty heavy overnight. We're pretty used to camping in the rain, so the festivities continued, but one of these trips I'd like a bone-dry camping weekend.

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