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Weekend in Ontario

It's been a long day after a lot of driving this weekend, but I wanted to mention what a terrific weekend it was. I'm very glad I decided to drive up to Ontario for a pair of parties, which actually turned into three parties -- one of which visited only virtually!

USS Anasazi AnniversaryYes, one of the highlights of the weekend was a visit to USS Anasazi's 9th anniversary party, taking place in New Mexico, via Skype. Following Dave's unbirthday party, a few of us hopped online and chatted with a variety of friends celebrating Anasazi's 9th as part of the Bubonicon weekend. I'm tempted to try to get out to the southwest for their 10th anniversary celebration next year. New Mexico is still on the short (and getting shorter) list of states I've never visited.

Another highlight was the "road rally" that kicked off Hadfield's anniversary party yesterday afternoon. Deb had prepared a long list of clues to follow so as to determine your route, and questions that had to be answered. John and I had teamed up, and won by just one question! Our prize was a $5 TimsCard good at Tim Hortons donut and coffee shops, though sadly, not at the one I visited at the Thruway rest area on my way back last night. I got a cup of coffee and a chicken salad snack wrap anyway.

Melodie & NikkiThe weekend featured lots of good food, a chance to meet some of Dave and Deb's friends and neighbours, as well as several of Dave's relatives, and of course, plenty of puppy time! Unlike most of my chances to see them, Nikki and Melodie were "off duty" most of the weekend, so I didn't have to leave them alone. They seemed pleased by the difference, too.

I also got to pick up some Canadian beer, though I was kicking myself for having done so at The Beer Store rather than at the duty-free shop at the border, when I saw the huge difference in price. Won't make that mistake again.

The border crossing featured a little drama; the customs agent came out of the booth and started looking around the car in front of me, and peeked in the trunk. There were soon several more agents around, the driver and passenger got out of the car and walked into the nearby building, and an agent got in the car and drove it off. No, I have no idea what the issue was, but it was dealt with so quickly and calmly that it didn't really slow me down, and probably went unnoticed by just about everyone but me, directly behind. The crossing checkpoint experiences in both directions were painless for me.

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