Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

My Name is Earl (213.6)

Hurricane Earl looks as though it'll be just skirting the east coast of the U.S. this weekend, not making it far enough inland to directly affect us in Atlanta, and timed so as to not likely pose problems for my upcoming travel via coastal northeast cities.

Earl should still be well south when I fly through Newark on Thursday morning, and probably well northeast when I fly back through Philadelphia on Monday night.

Meantime, it could be messy for the Outer Banks, DC, and Maryland's Eastern Shore, and rainy for a lot of the coast. Atlanta still shows as sunny, partly sunny, or mostly sunny for my whole visit. Also, upper 80s to low 90s, but I'm used to that. The new "habitrail" walkways from Marriott to Hyatt and Marriott to Hilton will mean even less need to walk outside.

The Hyatt made the questionable decision to close their lobby for major renovations for three days yesterday. They say they'll reopen it at 6am Thursday, but that doesn't leave much room for error. I hope everything goes smoothly. :-) Matt and I are staying at the Marriott, I'm sure with some folks we know, and the rest of the Philly contingent will be at the Hilton. Having a party? Know of a good party? Please share!

Fairly short layovers (well, over an hour, at least) in Newark on the way down via Continental, and in Philadelphia on the way back via US Airways.

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