Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A good Sunday

Saturday was minimalist, thanks mostly to Yom Kippur followed by a lack of desire to go off to the Bellwether Cider party I'd been invited to, once sundown rolled around. I relaxed, I watched some TV, I spent some time outdoors as per the habit belmikey got me into some years back. The thorough breakfast came before Yom Kippur, with Friday evening's breakfast-themed offerings at the Westy's backyard grill, and Saturday at Sundown I stuck to a sandwich (local Piggery cold cuts) and some hummus and pita chips.

Way more food yesterday. I'd promised James to meet him for brunch at the Ramada, where a couple of staffers came up to ask if I was the guy they'd heard talking about them on the radio last week. Yes. Yes I was. Even though their brunch buffet is fairly meat-heavy, especially during the lunch portion of the day, the vegetarian was very pleased with the offerings.

I then popped up to Cortland to help with the moving. This was great not only because I arrived just in time to help with a few of the bigger pieces, but also because I ran into a long-ago Accord member who was also helping. Karen may try to drag her husband to some of WGW.

I was only there to help for a bit because of an e-mail I got late last week, from my friend Rich asking if he could crash at my place last night while in town for Atwater Vineyards's 10th anniversary party, and adding offhandedly that I should feel free to come to the party if I was so inclined. I took a peek at the sparse event info on their web site. My interest was certainly piqued by the food from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, but what really got me was that the Town Pants would be performing! acappellasinger dragged me to see them last fall in Elmira, and I knew I didn't want to pass up another chance. (I'm sure Alan would've been there himself, if he hadn't been performing at Felicia's last night!)

It was great hanging out with Rich for several hours, and crazy traveler that he is, he opted to drive back to Hartford after dropping me at home at about 10pm. The Dinosaur was good, though perhaps I should've saved my money on the advance BBQ ticket and bought some food from the Puerto Rican guys who were selling food separately. I did grab some of their plantains and "chicken lobster salad" on the way out, and had them for lunch today. Nary a hint of lobster that I could tell, but the stuff was tasty. The wine was pretty good, though as someone who hasn't been there in years and isn't that familiar with their offerings, I wish they hadn't decided not to allow tastings yesterday afternoon. I could buy wine by the glass or the bottle.

And the Town Pants were outstanding. I think they were responsible for a lot of the folks at the party, and they were certainly worth the price Atwater paid them to be there. I got a little video of the Town Pants show, which you're welcome to check out. (And, yes, I took another few hundred pictures of the band. Will edit and upload some soon.) The day ended with fireworks just after sunset, which meant about 7:30pm. (Even though I'd been very aware of sunset thanks to Yom Kippur, fireworks time was still in my head as more like 9:30. Not so.) I'd have gladly taken another set or two of the Town Pants. In fact, their last show of their summer east coast tour is tomorrow night in Rochester, and I might have to go.

The food ended with the "on-the-house" bowls of vegan vegetable soup Rich and I were offered at Bandwagon as we relaxed at the bar with a pint of local beer on our way back into town.

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