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One down...

The brand new TV season already has its first casualty. "Lone Star," the new FOX drama about a up-and-coming con artist, was scratched right after its second episode aired last night. The show starred James Wolk and Jon Voight, and while I wasn't sure about it after the pilot, I'd decided to give it another shot. Apparently not many other people did.

Even though the show got raves from the critics, including surprisingly glowing words from the New York Times, it had lousy numbers last Monday night, despite the "House" season premiere as a lead-in. The producer begged fans online to boost the numbers last night, but it didn't work. They got worse.

Even a small bump last night might have saved the show, but this morning, FOX pulled the plug. They won't even bother showing the remaining four episodes. They're pushing the new season of "Lie to Me" up over a month. It starts next Monday instead of in mid November.

I hadn't watched last night's episode yet. Just deleted it from the TiVo. Not much point now.

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