Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Camping in the rain...

Last June, by the time I got to the campgrounds, there was already a huge tarp city set up... several large tarps strung up between the trees, providing semi-dry space underneath where we could put our chairs, cook, etc.

This past weekend, Friday was so nice that it didn't really occur to anyone to worry until Kat commented that the latest weather forecast was for rain from midnight to noon. So, we got at least a couple of tarps up before going to sleep Friday night, and got most of the camp chairs and such under them.

It didn't actually start raining until 6 or 7 am, and didn't stop until early evening, not long after we got another large tarp up to move the fire rings into.

That's Tracy's friend Sara, standing on an upended picnic table to get that last tarp up.

No one was in much of a rush to be up and about on Saturday, and the planned horseback riding was scrubbed. Tracy, who spends most of her time as a college student, seemed happy sleeping all morning! Stephen and Keith and Sara and I were more active, and we all had buckwheat pancakes with bananas, and sausage for breakfast mid-morning.

I then spent some time back in the tent, getting started on Set this House in Order, Matt Ruff's excellent new book.

When lunchtime rolled around, Keith didn't seem interested in the cold cuts on the menu; she wanted a hot dog (leftover from Friday's dinner). Hot food did seem like a good idea, so I suggested we heat up the cold cuts on the grill, and have hot cold-cut sandwiches. Everyone loved this idea, so I got this going. Keith's and Stephen's and Paula's sandwiches were grilled (olive oil instead of butter); I went with just hot cold cuts on cold bread with cheese. Worked very well.

The rain kept things pretty mellow, but we all spent time chatting and sitting around, which was good.

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