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Speaking of routine... (215.0)

One of the side effects of my managing to forget my overnight bag at my parents' house when I headed back to Ithaca a week and a half ago was that I don't have my electric razor. I can get away without shaving every day, thanks to the goatee, but after a couple of days I need to either shave or start growing a beard.

I left it unshaved for a few days last week, but even then after a few days it needs some "edge work." Gotta shave my neck, clean up the cheeks, etc. So before long, I'm back to just shaving to the goatee.

Of course, using a traditional razor means rearranging my routine. Have to do the shaving before my face dries off too much, so very soon after I get out of the shower, as opposed to using the electric razor, for which my face should be as dry as possible.

This would all be much harder if I didn't still have the cool free Gillette razor (don't recall which particular fancy new model) they sent me a few years back. At some point, I bought a thingy of replacement blade cartridges for it, but I don't use them very fast.

Jeff's bringing the overnight bag and my electric razor up to Ithaca with him in a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping the electric razor still holds a charge after sitting for a month. It had gotten to the point where it was dying after showing it had 20 minutes of shaving left (a full charge shows 60 minutes). I considered just buying a new one when I realized I'd left it in Dobbs Ferry, and I'll feel really silly if I end up having to buy a new one after I get it back.
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