Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Every American has a duty to remember and honor their sacrifice."

Remembering"Rob made a decision. He called for his team to fall back. And then he did something extraordinary. Rob moved in the other direction -- toward the enemy, drawing their guns away from his team and bringing the fire of all those insurgents down upon himself.

"Rob endures in the love of his brothers and sisters, all seven of whom join us today. Your brothers laid down his life so you could live yours in security and freedom. You honor him by living your lives to the fullest, and I suspect Rob would be especially proud of his younger brother Tom, who, inspired by his big brother, is now training to be a Green Beret himself.

"Rob endures in the Afghans that he trained and he befriended. In valleys and villages half a world away, they remember him as an American who spoke their language, respected their culture and helped them defend their country."

President Barack Obama
awarding a posthumous Medal of Honor
to SSGT Robert Miller, Green Beret, U.S. Army

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