Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Twice last night, twice this morning... (214.6)

The Shindler folks said they'd "repaired the elevator," but someone else was just stuck in it a half hour ago, and it happened earlier this morning, too.

Yes, I walked up to the seventh floor when I got in this morning. I intentionally lightened my laptop bag, leaving out the iPad and Nikon this morning, knowing that the laptop bag was my biggest hesitation in climbing the stairs.

I've never been afraid of elevators, and the one time I was stuck in one, it was conveniently in a glass-walled one in a hotel atrium. (Yes, some of you were there that day.) The hotel management yelled at our group for taking the elevator up and down so much. :-) As a general rule, I prefer stairs because they're better for your health and you don't have to wait for them, but my office moving to the 7th floor of Rhodes last summer made that tougher to stick to on a daily basis.
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