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Yes, I got two groups stopping by yesterday, for a total of five trick-or-treaters. I think I've had a range of 2-50 over the years, with just a couple of years that I wasn't home at all during trick-or-treating hours.

I may have missed some of the early, little-kid stretch yesterday, since I went downtown with Elizabeth and a friend of hers to see the 1931 "Dracula" at Cinemapolis. They had a professor who specializes in horror films do an intro before the movie, talking about their history, which was actually kinda cool. The movie itself is about what I remember, tame by modern horror standards, but shocking and really groundbreaking at the time. The professor mentioned, as I vaguely recall hearing, that Bela Lugosi knew hardly any English, and learned all of his lines phonetically. (He later became more or less fluent in English.)

I hit Collegetown after the hockey games both Friday and Saturday nights, and on Saturday, since Age and John wanted to grab dinner and I wasn't hungry, I ran home and put on a costume. Not sure if anyone got pictures of me in my NASA flight suit, but I got lots of pictures of others in costume.

The less said about the hockey, the better.

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