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Hockey road trip!

This weekend, Age and I are taking advantage of the North Country road trip, away games at St. Lawrence and Clarkson, being in early November instead of some more wintry time of year, like February. We're heading north to Canton and Potsdam on Friday for some hockey. Odds are overwhelmingly against significant snowfall on this road trip for a change! (Now watch, Canton will get four feet of snow on Saturday.)

Yes, these games are quite near the Ontario border. Those of you north of the border who'd love to pop down and see some college hockey, by all means join us! Those of you near, say, Watertown, are also welcome to partake. :-) I wish I could promise good hockey.

We'll be driving back Saturday night after the second game, so Sunday's in town. I think it's even the end of Daylight Saving Time, so an extra hour of sleep after we get back in the wee hours. (I'd be more sure of this, if there hadn't been spurious "change the clocks this weekend!" reports twice last month.)

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