Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Clipping Canada

Every time we've come up for the North Country hockey weekend, popping over the border into Canada has been one of the theoretical options of how to spend Saturday, between games. But we've never actually done it -- or at least I haven't -- until today.

There wasn't really enough time to go up to Ottawa, or we might have knocked on Joost and Susan's door. :-) We just went over the border, hit the duty free shop, and headed back. Did you know if you're in Canada less than 48 hours, the duty free beer isn't duty free?! I didn't. But at $1.20 duty for two twelve-packs and a fifteen-pack (a what?!) it wasn't a big deal. The $5.50 in bridge tolls was a bigger bite. Worth it for beer you can't get in the US, though.

When we told the Canadian border officer we were just popping over for some beer, she asked if we were just going to hit the duty free to bring some home, or were we planning to have a few at a tavern and then drive inebriated around Ontario?

Cornell hasn't started the season 0-3 since the 1979-80 season, but that team went on to win the ECAC title. We've never started 0-4. A win tonight would be good. Let's Go Red!

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