Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It looks scarier than it is...

Yesterday, I annexed the beautiful Dell 17" flat-panel display of a departed colleague. (I borrowed it, since one can't be bought for me until FY04 next month, but his manager thinks I won't need to give it back.)

Today, I got a new installation of Windows XP up and running to replace the old Windows 98 setup I've been using off and on, when I need Windows, for years. I got Vantive (crapware problem tracking tool) installed and configured to talk to our server, and just installed Palm Desktop and the AvantGo beta client for Palm OS 5 so I can sync my handheld.

So, I now have a snazzy display showing off a snazzy XP installation. It's only if you look closely that you might notice that the Dell display is hooked to the same computer as the 17" flat-panel next to it... the one I'm typing on now...

Both are connected to my Power Mac G4.

Yep, this is the first time I've set up XP within Virtual PC. (I've played with XP a bit on other machines, and in VPC on demo systems.) A few things to get used to, a few frustrating annoyances relating to CIT's oddities as well as Windowsisms, but I think it's in good shape. It's certainly performing very smoothly. But that's not a surprise; it's a very powerful Mac.

My stress level is very high, but at least this time I know why... and having gotten all this working (in addition to assorted other stuff) makes me feel like it was worth waking up today.

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