Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Eddie's keeping me warm (214.6)

I bought a Wilsons Leather jacket with a removable lining a few years ago when they had a huge sale, but the thin leather on the sleeve got a tear in it a couple of winters back, and early this year it really ripped to the point of being too visibly damaged to wear. I had briefly tried patching it with a leather repair kit, but didn't get very far. I still wore it off and on, alternating with my bright red Cornell Hockey 3-in-1 jacket with the zip-out fleece.

Happily, a few days ago, after deciding just the fleece wasn't going to cut it much longer this month, I realized I had a heavy, brown Eddie Bauer jacket I'd bought at their outlet store in the Poconos at a crazy discount, even earlier. (I'd been looking for a leather jacket to replace the really old beige one.) I hadn't worn it much, if at all, since I got the black one.

So, the last couple of days, I've been wearing the nice, heavy Eddie Bauer jacket. No removable lining, so I can't really wear it comfortably above 40 or 45 degrees, but I can wear the fleece at that point. And, this morning, I finally found a pair of gloves in the red hockey jacket; my hands have been cold when not in my pockets this week. And I've got one of the earbands in the car; there's not really a good pocket in this jacket for it.

Let me know if you want to try adopting and fixing the black jacket.

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