Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Not sure which I prefer... (211.2)

Last night's dreams, I think during the stretch after 6am when I was dozing after waking up at 4, for some reason included meandering through costumed crowds at a con, in a relatively compact version of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis with its multiple convention levels and curved stairways and escalators between floors. Maybe because of last night's chatter about the disastrous Comic-Con registration miasma.

The night before, I dreamed about getting my TV and stack of A/V gear upstairs so I could watch TV in the living room. Probably my subconscious telling me I should get on with clearing the basement, already. I guess Charlie's tank should come upstairs first, though. Still waffling on where to put that. The easy spot is by the front window, but I suspect that would be too cold for her.
Tags: charlie

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