Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dinner at Q

Last night's dinner at Bistro Q was exactly what I needed after a mostly suboptimal weekend. Alex, Brian, Denise, and I sat out on the deck (which got a little chilly as the sun set) enjoying BBQ and mojitos. (This is summer.)

Alex and I split a larger nitty-gritty platter, ribs and pulled pork and chicken, with assorted sides. Matt had put that thought in my head when he got the less-large (but still large) version a couple of weeks ago. I wanted ribs last night, but not just ribs, so this was perfect.

Apparently they ran out of ribs right after serving us, so our timing was perfect.

The other high points of the weekend were Elizabeth and Bridget's party Friday night, lunch with Amy on Saturday, meeting Brian's cat briefly, and a few fun online chats.

(For those keeping score, I acquired a used espresso maker yesterday! Now I'm sure Gevalia will get around to sending me the thermal coffeemaker they keep not sending.)

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