Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

How to print what?

I just got a phone call from the "general counsel" at my credit union, saying that I was among the recipients of an e-mail message that was sent out this morning that might have contained a member's private info.

It had been "How to print Heloc 1098 forms," containing an attached Word document, and was followed a few minutes later by a "Recall:" message that was an apparent attempt by the sender to "unsend" the message within their mail system. Of course, while that sort of thing works in a tiny handful of private mail systems, it can never retrieve a message once it's left for a recipient somewhere else.

I told him I laughed when I saw her attempt to unsend the message, and since it obviously didn't apply to me, I deleted it. He thanked me, and offered me his phone number in case I "had any questions." Maybe I should've asked, "Why should I trust you people with my money?"

[Went back and looked. I was the only recipient who wasn't within their mail system. She must've just accidentally included me when she meant another Mark who works there.]

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