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Hockey season is in full swing! I skipped the road trip to Princeton and Quinnipiac earlier this month (as most of us up here did), which was especially a shame when Cornell won both games. I haven't been to Princeton in a couple of years, and I've never made it to Quinnipiac; they just joined the league a few years back.

The next couple of road trips, though, I'm definitely in for. This weekend we head to Dartmouth on Friday night and Harvard on Saturday night. We're staying both nights in Boston at our usual hotel, across from the classic and awesome Breakfast Club diner. If you're in or near Hanover or Boston and are available to get together, please let me know ASAP. Tentative plans include a tailgate Saturday afternoon. No, really!

Then, two weeks later, we're heading to the Capital District for games at Union and RPI on the 11th and 12th, and staying Friday night in our usual spot in downtown Albany, roughly in between Schenectady and Troy. (Why anyone would opt to stay in Schenectady or Troy, given a choice, is beyond me.) Again, if you're in that area and want to get together, let me know. Vaguely tempted to try Troy's new Dinosaur Bar-B-Que branch.

Haven't really thought about the Brown and Yale games the last weekend of February; that's a trip I bother with much less often, making the trip most recently when Raven and Homer were still in Providence, but especially if the team's doing a bit better, it's not unlikely I'll muster the energy. Then, March's playoff schedule will be entirely dependent on the team's performance down the stretch. They may not get a first-round bye as they usually do, and may not even get home ice as they usually do, so we may find ourselves on the road -- if they don't miss the playoffs entirely by finishing the regular season in the bottom third of the conference.

Cornell not making it past the quarterfinals to the ECAC tournament around St. Patrick's Day is almost unheard-of, but it's happened a couple of times since I started paying attention. If Cornell makes it, we'll be in Atlantic City (yuck) for the weekend of March 18th-19th. Honestly, they've been shaky enough this season that this is far from a given, and to be blunt, Cornell not making it to the ECACs might be exactly the wake-up call they need to see what a bad idea moving the tournament from Albany to Atlantic City was. Cornell always brings the biggest crowd, and Princeton, the only team in easy driving range of AC, hardly even has their fans show up at their own rink. Hardly any of their fans travel. Two of the schools with the most rabid fan base, Clarkson and Saint Lawrence, will find themselves something like a nine-hour drive away, which should clobber their road attendance. The New England teams' fans may stay away in droves, as well, as any of you who've had to negotiate much of I-95 can probably well understand. Albany was just so centrally convenient to everyone.

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