Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

*cough* Ow (212.8) (1987)

I've had a mild cough for the last day or so, and it's just bad enough that the muscles in my chest are starting to hurt from it. It also disqualified me from giving blood as planned today, as a chest cold or cough is on the list of reasons you should refrain for the safety of the blood supply. I felt a lot better about canceling my appointment when Suzanne told me my blood drive article had brought in at least two walk-ins they know of, which could mean there were others.

I'll try again next week, though of course I won't be eligible for the free pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, or the drawing for the year's supply. That's actually OK; I'm horrible about using bags of coffee like that.

Being up late Monday night and getting woken up early Tuesday morning for the first round of school closings and delays made me exhausted Tuesday night, so when I woke up at 8:30 yesterday morning to the beep telling me I had voicemail, I was terrified I'd missed the DJ's calls with yesterday's closings. It turned out my phone never got the calls, so he went straight to voicemail. (The iPhone displays a list of incoming calls, and it saw none since Tuesday morning.) Thank goodness most of the area schools had made their decisions the night before, so my online listing was close to complete and I'd sent out a late-night e-mail to the mailing list. Thus, most of the people who rely on those services found the info they needed.

Of course, one factor is that Jeff isn't known for his persistence, so he only tried calling twice, once at 6:20 and again about an hour later, as far as I can tell by the voicemail timestamps. Had he heeded my clear "Please keep trying until you reach me" instructions to DJs for these situations, one of the calls would likely have gotten through eventually.

I tweeted about the problem, mentioning @ATTCustomerCare so they'd see it, and quickly got responses from a couple of reps. Their engineers have "identified a degraded tower" northeast of my house, and are working to resolve that. Who knows whether it will accomplish anything, but it's nice to get some response.

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