Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hungry snake (213.0) (1989)

Charlie has really eaten very little in the last several months, and I was figuring she was done for the winter anyway. But tonight she was acting pretty hungry, so I defrosted one of the mice in the freezer. Sure enough, she grabbed it right up! So, I defrosted the last of the rats, and she gobbled that one, as well. That's a smallish meal when she's been eating regularly, but even though she's still milling around looking for more food, I suspect she'll be fine.

Rigatoni ScarpielloI'm sure not hungry, though. We went to Ciao! before the hockey game, and the five of us split several things, mostly appetizers. (Poor beeeej ordered a spicy pasta entree, and it nearly did him in!) After the game, since going out on the crappy roads seemed like a bad idea, I stopped at the postgame reception (aka "afterglow") and hung out for a bit, and of course munched on some of the food that's served at those. More Italian! Actually quite good. It was also nice to get to chat with the player who got the game-winning goal in overtime! One of the most exciting comeback wins we've had in a while.
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