Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No $800 Super Bowl seat for you!

I'm both amused and sympathetic at the problem Cowboys Stadium had last night, forcing them to tell 400 people they couldn't sit in the seats they had tickets for at the Super Bowl. Apparently, a few times that many seats couldn't be used due to structural problems with temporary seating that was installed, and while some of the displaced fans were moved to other (mostly better) seats, 400 of them couldn't be accommodated in seats.

I heard last night that these folks were given space where they could watch inside the stadium on big screens, and were given a refund, but apparently they were given a refund of triple their ticket cost, or $2,400 per ticket. They were also given food and drink at the game, and taken on the field after the game. So, much as it would have been better to be able to see the game live, I think these folks did OK.

Now, I see they're all being offered complimentary tickets to next year's Super Bowl as "guests of the NFL." Not too shabby.

My parents went to a Super Bowl once, as guests of a company my father did business with. I think it was actually in New Orleans, so I'm doubly jealous. As little as I care about most football teams, I admit I'd love to attend a Super Bowl in person just once.

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