Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

In other news, sweet potato hash rocks! (214.6)

This Saturday morning I'd already planned on making breakfast at home before heading to the Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-Off, and the organizers' decision to postpone the Chili Cook-Off made staying home for breakfast an even better idea.

Sweet Potato HashI had some leftover steak from Thursday night, when my body had informed me in no uncertain terms I'd been eating too many meals without meat in them, and I bought a strip steak on the way home from work. Making hash with it for breakfast seemed like a good idea, so I picked up sweet potatoes, an onion, and an orange pepper on Friday night. I grated the sweet potato and sliced the remaining steak into small chunks while beeeej cut up the onion and pepper, then combined it all. I'm really happy with how the sweet potato hash came out, and it went great with the scrambled eggs and cheddar I made.

Meli joined us for breakfast before meeting up with @DanteShepherd at CTB, and also seemed pleased.

The loss to Harvard on Friday night aside, it was an absolutely awesome weekend full of hockey, great food, and good friends. Saturday's win was important not just for the standings, but because the Senior Night ceremony and partying at Dunbar's afterward are that much more pleasant after a win than after a loss.

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