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It's National Cold Cuts Day? (212.0) - Mark's Journal
It's National Cold Cuts Day? (212.0)
That helps me deal with the fact that, after contemplating whether to eat my leftover spaghetti with crab for lunch, or for a quick dinner at work before the hockey game, I entirely forgot to bring it with me.

I've got a noon meeting that I sometimes bring lunch to, but I think I'm more likely to grab lunch on the way back from it. There are good sandwiches to be had at Mattin's, and I'll probably get an Italian sub.

Also, I keep forgetting to take home the carton of eggs keeyoo kindly brought in for me on Tuesday. I probably shouldn't put them in the car after work; they'd likely freeze in the 2-3 hours I'm at the game. Maybe I'll try to remember to grab them after the game instead. I'm sure they'll come in handy this weekend.
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