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Pretty, but irritating...

Turns out my plow guy is out of town. Luckily, he's not solo -- he's expanded a couple of times, including a new truck and driver this year -- but his absence compounded the deep, heavy snow to really slow them down.

Shoveling out a pathAs the sun was setting, I shoveled a path to the garage and then to the street, so at the very least I could get the mail. If the snow were just a few inches, I wouldn't think twice about just driving out, at least after cleaning up a little of the town plow's wall at the bottom. That's what AWD is for. But with the drifted snow ranging from about ten inches to about a foot and a half, that seemed like a good way to get stuck. And the driveway's just a hair too long and steep for me to want to do the whole thing unless I have to. (With the University closed until 11:45am, no one thinks anything about my working from home, which I did after the closings and cancellations activity quieted. I wasn't the only one, not by a long shot.)

I honestly think one of my neighbors just plowed the driveway, since what turned up a little while ago was a small, tractor-sized snowplow, not a big pickup truck with a plow on the front. Doesn't look like the sort of equipment that could drive around the county, just the neighborhood, so I think whoever it was is just zipping around helping people, and having fun with his toy. If I can figure out who it was, I'll probably give them a restaurant gift certificate or something, since this means I won't have to pay the plow folks. (If they show up and are sore that they lost out, that's their problem.)

The severity of the storm kept increasing over the course of the day yesterday, and it didn't entirely stop until this morning. I think a lot of folks were caught by surprise. All the area schools and several nearby colleges closed for the whole day. Cornell decided to close at 4am and open for 10am classes, then pushed that back to about noon, and Ithaca College started out delaying until noon. It turned into a nice surprise for the local schoolkids and college students, and I'm sure lots of the folks working from home were doing so because their kids were home.

You can't tell from this picture, but the road is clean and dry. I suspect salting last night followed by some good plowing this morning cleaned most roads off enough that the sun took over early this afternoon. I'm no longer worried about road conditions, and I get to leave the house for the first time since Saturday evening. :-)

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