Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No Comic-Con for me this year!

Last year's San Diego Comic-Con was fun, but I also found it way more frustrating than I've ever found any other convention. Unlike the year before, I didn't pre-register for the following year before leaving, and didn't really try to participate in the cataclysmic mess that was the online registration experience after that. I figured I could manage to make arrangements later if I really needed to.

Turns out it's just as well. A wedding in Ithaca I thought was going to be in mid August will actually be that Thursday instead, and it's a wedding I wouldn't want to miss -- even if I hadn't been asked to take pictures at it. Yeah, it's odd to have a wedding on a Thursday, but they're actually planning a whole week's worth of festivities. Also, this way I get to go to at least some of the Grassroots Festival. Wonder if I can get in free as "press" again.

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