Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

And then this happened... (211.4)

The memory of seeing the puck heading right toward me is pretty clear, and the vague memory of moving the camera is becoming clearer. While at first I was pretty sure I had the camera in front of my face all along, I'm starting to think I may have moved it up just in time. Not that I intentionally blocked my face with my camera, but it just happened to be in the hand that knew it needed to be there.

OuchieEither way, the camera took the whole impact of the puck that junior defenseman Sean Whitney sent winging my way to clear it out of Cornell's defensive zone during last night's Game 3. People get seriously injured by pucks at hockey games, so I know I'm lucky. You may have already seen this picture on Facebook or Twitter; I posted it to both minutes afterward, and also got countless texts and other messages from folks who saw it happen in the rink, checking that I was OK. Yup, I was completely unhurt. Eric, sitting next to me, said it grazed him, but he was fine.

The flash is dead, and the front case is going to need to be replaced if I'm to have any hope of a relatively water-resistant camera. I was able to fit some of the broken pieces back together, and while the camera can still take pictures, there were some exposed circuit boards that make me wonder if there might be other damage.

A contact at Athletics is checking with their risk management folks to see whether they have any mechanism for paying for damage caused at hockey games. The fine print on the ticket states that I'm there at my own risk, so I don't consider them to have any obligation to me, but repairing or replacing the camera would be a nice thing to do. As happens each time a puck leaves the ice, a CUPD officer came to make sure I was OK and took my name, so they obviously keep track of incidents. I'll also check with my insurance company to see whether my homeowners insurance covers personal property when outside the house. (It didn't occur to me to look into it until after the local office was closed for the day today.)

Sean redeemed himself with his assist on the gamewinning goal in overtime, and he says he'll be glad to autograph the camera for me. I just need to find a silver Sharpie. :-) And Cornell, having won that series, goes on to Atlantic City for the ECAC tournament semifinal on Friday. I may need to borrow another camera for the weekend.

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